2013 celebrity halloween costumes

Rita Ora as Poison Ivy. Singer Rita Ora copied a Kim Kardashian classic this year whilst attending attending the 2017 Kiss Haunted House Party in London; dressed as Poison Ivy. Since we are all at home and have been ordering a lot online, we wanted to encourage people to get creative around the house (while also upcycling boxes that have been sitting around). Celebrity Juice has revealed the very impressive costumes that its stars will be wearing on this year’s Halloween special – and some of them are completely unrecognisable. Vanessa Hudgens shows us how by wearing a pink half-translucent dress, high stockings, space buns, and elf ears.

Fashion Model Under Carnival Lights It’s also smart. No need to go find some clothes that will just be taking up space in the wardrobe, easy celebrity costumes this skull face does it all. This face paint is exceptional. Carry a huge paint brush. The 62-year-old actor showed up to a star studded Halloween party over the weekend dressed as one of the creepy twins from The Shining. Whether you’re looking for some inspiration or just can’t get enough of the weird creations people come up with, we’ve compiled a list of some of the strangest, stupidest and most awe-inspiring celebrity Halloween costumes from over the weekend. Instead of playing this game with a board, play it with real live people and a costume closet.

In 2013, the world witnessed Chelsea Handler bring her twisted wit and crass humor to a Halloween costume. From pop culture references, to singers and hilarious puns, find all of the incredible celebrity Halloween costumes below! Find a costume for all occasions and the accessories to match. Zombie brides, vampire brides, dead brides – they’re all great costume ideas and Shavaughn is rocking it. Katherine Schwarzenegger is a great example of this as she dressed up as an essential worker, and wrote a ‘thank you’ message on a prop. Sometimes, the simplest outfits can make great costumes when paired distinctively. Some decide to match the outfits with their friends while others enjoy expressing their own feelings and emotions through art. These girls went full-on, matching their hair with their outfits. Thos who went for multiple costumes are my true heroes.

Holly went all scary kid on us in 2016 when she dressed up as a very distressed Tinks for Jonathan Ross’s famous Halloween party. It’s 100 times better than anything I’ve ever come across at a party. The makeup, accessories, and garments were a time-consuming process but at the end, everything did come together. Halloween is the holiday where all imaginations come true. Boxtumes. We would love to see how you’re getting creative with upcycled Halloween costumes! Celebs sure love to dress up their kids, and we love to see them. He looked incredible and extra creepy in his frilly dress. Try throwing on a wig next time and perhaps changing your usual dress code. Yes, I had a blonde wig! No idea how sexy siren Carmen Electra can still pull off such a vixen-like outfit but she’s got in down pat complete with thigh high boots and a hot red wig.

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