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Sinterklaas is a legendary figure from Netherlands who is based on Saint Nicholas, a 4th century Greek Christian Bishop from ancient Greece. The character of Santa Claus is derived from Saint Nicholas, an ancient Greek Christian Bishop who according to several Christian denominations is the patron saint of children. In North America and many countries around the world, Christmas has become synonymous with Santa Claus. pirate couple costume In Italy, local legends tell of a woman known as Befana who is the country’s Santa Claus equivalent. However, in other countries around the world, many other mythical figures exist closely resembling Santa Claus either in appearance or actions. The Krampus is a popular Christmas figure in Germany and is a companion of Santa Klaus.

Joulupukki is legendary Christmas figure from Scandinavia who is usually celebrated in Norway. According to German folklore, Krampus is depicted as a horned, “half-goat, half-demon” mythical creature possessing a long forked tongue who punishes children who have been naughty, contrasting Saint Nicholas who gives gifts to children with good behavior. For those who have done all of their work, she leaves a silver coin in their shoe. One size fits both adults so you can swap who gets to play what halfway through the night. It hides surprises. The surprises are only little trinkets, but trust me, the kids will love the excitement of seeing what’s in their piece of cake — if they can wrestle one away from Dad. These are hardly isolated cases. Our regalia is not always created from buckskin, and we are not doing rain dances.

Celeb copycats!

Thousands attended the Mass, hiding from the rain under umbrellas, ponchos and rain jackets. I also thought these angel wings made from paper plates were pretty clever. You can also make this easy paper bag version at the last minute. Angel- Dressing up like an angel for All Saints Day can be great fun! I have directions for making angel wings here, and a diy for an angel tutu here. I absolutely love this feathery angel costume! Find my directions for making a St. Kateri costume here. Find directions to craft your own Veronica’s veil here. But since we had to, here are 2012’s top 15 entries.

The modern Santa Claus-equivalent in Iceland is known as the Yule Lads (also known as Yulemen) who are based on historical Icelandic folklore figures. It is the story of Sinterklaas that the modern celebration of Santa Klaus is based. The Feast of Sinterklaas is observed in Netherlands on December 6th but begins on December 5th during St. Nicholas’s Eve where people give out gifts especially to the children. Doubtless some people were offended in the early 90s, when Corinne Day photographed a 15-year-old Kate Moss in a headdress and Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay wore one on stage. This shouldn’t even be on this list, but as you can see, people need to be told that dressing up as a rape victim is wrong. For many girl saint costumes, all you need is a dress, a veil, and the right props.

You’ll need a white dress, a halo, some wings, and possibly a harp. Little Nellie of Holy God- White dress, rose colored socks. Dress up like a First Communicant in a white dress and veil. First Communicants- Maybe you have an old First Communion or Flower Girl dress lying around the house? We have horror movie favorite characters such as Jason and Michael Myers so you can recreate an infamous psychopathic look fairly instantly. We always look up to celebrity culture for contemporary fashion and taste, but there’s nothing that stars do better than Halloween costumes. The lazy look is what Ryan Seacrest went for in 2013 when he attended the Casamigos Halloween bash wearing a “Phantom of the Opera” mask with a regular suit and bowler hat.

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