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Lil Huddy can always be spotted wearing black nail polish, so make sure to paint a couple coats to complete the ensemble. Kourtney Kardashian made scary sexy as she wore barely there lingerie and sky-high heels while accompanied by Kim Kardashian’s assistant, Stephanie Sheppard, dressed as a zombie couple! Get your engines revving as a racecar driver and rally girl, 2019 celebrity costumes become a part of the walking dead with our zombie costumes or celebrate the 60s with as a pair of hippies. Dress up as a pair of dice. Excellent for any fancy dress occasion, our fantastic celebrity range is sure to leave you starstruck. From scary zombie looks to a cozy unicorn outfit, here are a few celebrity costumes that have been hits in years past and may inspire you.

Whether in the movies, music biz or sports, you will shine in one of our celebrity full latex masks. From murderous French bulldogs to zombie toddlers and even the occasional “sexy” thing that should not be sexy at all, 2019’s most intriguing Halloween costume ideas should make for a very frightful holiday — or at least an interesting one. And from what we can see, the answer is yes — Halloween costumes do keep getting wilder, more creative, or skimpier every year. Jake Arsenault, 9, dressed up in a hot dog costume for his school pictures — after his parents dared him to do it.

However, some people were still able to have fun by dressing up for Halloween even if it’s just for pictures and memories. The school agreed, and Jake’s dad thinks his son’s new ID is “the greatest.” Even the folks at Oscar Mayer loved the idea and surprised Jake with a ride in the Wienermobile. Not any particular person from history, just the idea of being Native American as a costume, which garnered charges of racism or racial insensitivity. It’s unknown what this particular event was, but Larsa appears to be enjoying the dress-up holiday quite a bit. So many celebs are killing the Halloween game this year; it’s impossible to choose our favorite costume.

Or make fun of your favorite politician – or the politician you most love to hate. Show off your sense of humor at this year’s Halloween party with imaginative couples costumes like Kermit and Miss Piggy, celebrate your favorite sandwich and dress up like a Ham and Swiss or BLT or even Bacon and Eggs. One third-grade classroom even held a “mad scientist” day, when students dressed up as mad scientists and conducted experiments all day. So we just have to shake our heads at this one. We have nearly everything you can possibly think of, and if we don’t, chances are you can piece together costumes and accessories to create your ideal look. Mix and match with our Halloween accessories to create a costume that’s uniquely yours. Ryan Seacrest previewed his Punky Brewster Halloween costume for fans online.

“I’m here today because of the way that you portrayed Laurie Strode,” he said, breaking down in tears before Curtis ran offstage in front of thousands of applauding fans to embrace him. Shop today and save with our 110% lowest price guarantee. We’ve got the best movie themed adult costumes like Batman and Robin, Captain Jack Sparrow and Angelica, Shrek and Princess Fiona or Danny and Sandy from Grease. Heidi Klum showed up as Princess Fiona from Shrek with her 2018 couples costume alongside husband Tom Kaulitz dressed as the titular character. She and her husband Alex Tien, 41, a businessman, have a five-year-old son and three-year-old daughter. Chou, 41, looked to be Gomez.

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