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She was cool back then and she is still pretty awesome now. SINGAPORE – While the usual Halloween festivities have been cut back due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some celebrities in Asia still took the chance on Saturday to dress up with their kids. So maybe she was going back to her sweet-as-pie Disney days. It was a classic case of a former Disney star trying to break out and be sexy. And a lot of us remember her from her days as Gabriella is the hit Disney Channel movie High School Musical (and its sequel…and its third installment.) During those movies she played a sweet, loveable math geek. Best of all, you probably have a lot of this stuff at home already, it’s mostly about adding the finishing touches to your cart, like a tie dye hoodie, or beaded necklace.

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Most of the time they get it right but sometimes they get it incredibly wrong and offend a lot of people. SupermodelKendall Jenner and popstar Lizzo used the holiday as a last minute chance to encourage people in the US to vote ahead of the presidential election. Despite most celebrities celebrating Halloween at home, fans were still treated to some A-list costumes as the world rang in the holiday overnight. What was Vanessa Hudgens thinking when she dressed up as an angel for Halloween a few years ago? There’s a few celebrities who have gone above and beyond to tickle our funny bones, with creative Halloween costumes that are a spin on the regular sexy-anything. Duff and her boyfriend, trainer Jason Walsh, donned the costumes for the annual Casamigos Halloween party in Los Angeles Friday evening. Share your costumes with us and inspire others with your creations. Neil Patrick Harris and his family opted for a quartet of costumes inspired by Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

So whether you dream of embodying England’s royal family or you need to unleash your inner Jerry Garcia (plus wearable van and dancing bear), you will get plenty of inspiration from the ideas here. If you’re looking for some fun and family-friendly outfits, check out these easy-to-make kid costume ideas and these creative family getups instead. Plus, check out Halloween costumes from Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Caitlyn Jenner and Mariah Carey. This would be a great one for a pumpkin carving party or for kiddos who have yet to meet this Halloween gem. We take great pride in the variety and wide range of apparel we offer, from women’s casual collection to cargo jackets for men.

The time has come for you to let that great voice of yours shine. Let us analyze the situation a bit: Okay, so Vanessa is a heavenly-looking girl. Yup. Okay, okay, so Aziz is a funny dude, we get that. Even celebrities like to dress up and get in on the action. How could you be so foolish to dress up as a member of the Taliban? Chris Brown caused a huge amount of outrage after he and his friends thought it’d be perfectly fine to go as members of the Taliban. There is so much turmoil between the United States and the Middle East, so why on earth would you dress up as one of these hated members of a terrorist group?

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