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From Kendall Jenner’s ode to Pamela Anderson to Gigi Hadid’s first family Halloween photo, being stuck at home clearly hasn’t stifled celebrities’ costume creativity this year. Family is number one to Jessica and is what makes living this crazy, hectic, beautiful life worthwhile. Jessica is an avid runner, consumer of really great cups of coffee, and enjoys adventuring off the beaten path whenever possible. Jessica is a freelance writer based out of California. For all of you foodies out there, this delightfully delicious wine and cheese costume set features a surprisingly elaborate wine bottle costume and a handy cheese tunic.

This is the costume that takes the prize for creativity. Who takes the stage as the best dressed for Halloween well none other than the Halloween queen herself. No Halloween celebration would be complete without the perfect decorations. And considering that the global pandemic has kept A-Listers at home and away from the iconic Hollywood parties, it’s safe to say that 2020’s turnout may have beaten 2019’s efforts for the spooky celebration. We must say that Heidi Klum’s Halloween getup has made it harder and harder as the years go by for anyone to top – even herself! The best are at the top starting with Saweetie, who dressed up and then made it her own.

Beyond the grotesque excesses of the lavish birthday parties, the tiny luxury cars and the cutesy butterfly filters, the next-gen Kardashians are often dressed like adults, and unsettlingly sultry ones at that. Howard Donald is on dressed as some kind of devil, like a past Take That video. Daniel Renfroe is a huge fan of horror, and it looks like his 11-month-old daughter Oakley is following in his footsteps. You have seriously got to give props to this clever celebrity captioning “Drops mic on your Halloween” and inspiring us all to drive for some creativity. That’s right, not even a global pandemic and the threat of contracting or spreading the virus could stop the Fright Night spirit for celebrity musicians, athletes and entertainers.

They feared that these spirits could harm them by damaging their crops, possessing people and spreading incurable sickness. Women’s Health last year. Halloween is a time for frights, costumes, and fun, but this year is a little different. Wrong on so many levels, this was Julianne Hough’s tasteless Halloween costume one year. COVID be damned, hip-hop and r&b stars still mustered the strength and brazen carelessness needed to go all-out last night for Halloween. This year, Halloween was a BUST for many American’s but that didn’t stop celebrities from dressing up and partying the night away. First up, we’ve got Doja Cat, who is officially the winner of Pedestrian.TV’s 2020 Halloween costume competition, which is solely judged on whatever is floating my boat this morning. It’s the Monday after Halloween, which means it’s time for me to look at everyone else’s costumes and regret not thinking of those ideas first.

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