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Halloween, like any other time of celebration that has been around for a while, has many fun facts associated with it. Still looking for the right invites for your Halloween celebration? True has won all our hearts this Halloween – or melted them, we’re not entirely sure. 3. True or false. 8. True or false. 6. True. One way to supposedly deter a vampire is to throw seeds (usually mustard) outside a door or place fishing net outside a window. It was a devastating loss to the world when Robin Williams passed away this summer, so what better way to pay tribute to him than dressing up as one of his famous characters for Halloween. Pulling ideas from pop culture like these celebs did is a fun way to dress up in a costume that you can be sure everyone will know and love.

They will love it! Love Island’s Kem Cetinay went all out with his Joker outfit for this year’s Kiss Haunted House party. Check out our spooky Halloween greeting cards and Halloween party invitations. The first Halloween card was made in the early 1920’s. These days, over 28 million Halloween cards are sent each year. Create a super spooky customized Halloween card or invite for your friends and family! Every year, celebrities outdo themselves: Some have dressed as music and movie icons, while others have even imitated their own family members. Bobbing for apples is thought to have originated from the roman harvest festival that honors Pamona, the goddess of fruit trees.

3. Which common Halloween vegitable originated in Mexico over 9,000 years ago? In addition to The Standard’s Halloween On Top costume event which featured looks from Mya, Sam Deitch, the theme for the night at the Casamigos Halloween event was Psychedelic Spirits as they celebrated 50 years since the summer of ’69. She looks exactly like the character by carrying his trademark weapon, the twin sai’s. BAZAAR looks back at some of our favorite celebrity Halloween costumes for all your dress-up inspiration. This year’s celebrity costumes ranged from the spooky and creepy, to the kitschy and entirely fabulous. Style Bistro compiled 76 celebrity halloween costumes you’ll want to try.

You can always check out our list of unorthodox “sexy” Halloween costumes, if you want to got the revealing route. More than 93% of children, under the age of 12, will go out trick-or-treating. Be sure to check out all of my Halloween crafts and costumes here. Share your costumes with us and inspire others with your creations. Have them share their selection with the class. If you think the President tells too many untruths and have strong opinions against him, you will prefer this unflattering Pinocchio Donald Trump mask for Halloween! In fact, I don’t think I’ll be Dorothy again, at least for a long time. 6. The Ms stand for Mars and Murrie.

Forrest Mars, Sr., and Bruce Murrie launched the candy. 7. Which candy did the former Hershey employee, Harry Burnett Reese create in the 1920s? Here are easy baby costumes that’s sure to bring in extra candy and cuteness bonus points. 1. What is the most popular candy sold in the US? Or use it to create a fun and festive Halloween trivia game. As you prepare for trick or treaters, scary costumes and lots of hair raising fun, brush up on your Halloween trivia. Try adding more trivia of your own to the list. Mario and Luigi are beloved everywhere, and it will certainly be no different if you decide to dress up as the more iconic of the duo, Mario.

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