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Young Woman Model Portrait Don’t tell me it’s a Fancy dress Party! I don’t know why they don’t get as much recognition for them as much as Heidi Klum does. Don’t forget: you can easily throw a Dr. Seuss in there as well! Also, where can we get this outfit and those abs? Even if you are not attending a world renown event, Wonder Costumes can be the solution for your costuming needs. This totally righteous costume comes with a black wig, blonde wig, Wayne’s World Hat, drum sticks and glasses. That bloody back drop made for a unique photo-op, and with the show’s second season out now, I was stoked to see someone do this costume really well. Her second costume as Harry Potter that she performed in is just as cool.

Because it’s Ariel Winter, of course, she’s going to choose a costume that shows as much skin as possible. The spooky holiday always brings out celebrities in creative getups, and while some take the opportunity to go wild with their looks, others jump at the chance to show some skin. Year after year, celebrities take Halloween costumes to the next level, enlisting their glam squads to conjure up some of the spookiest magic around. From Heidi Klum’s greatest over-the-top ensembles to the costumes referencing our favorite pop culture characters, click through to see our favorite A-list Halloween costume ideas from over the years.

Lounging and binge-watching a favorite TV series together? Just like Sarah Hyland, Jaime King also capitalized on the Stranger Things hype this Halloween season – but she took things even further by dressing up as multiple characters from Netflix’s hit TV series. One fun way to decide on a theme is to talk about things you love to do together: Book club? Sarah Hyland and her boo pulled off this Stranger Things look in the least basic way. Safe to say they pulled this off. This dress is something from my dreams, and I want these black roses for my room.

She first wore Eleven’s (really Nancy Wheeler’s) pink dress from season 1 and then wore Joyce Byer’s (Winona Ryder) Melvalds General Store uniform with brunette hair and Christmas lights to boot. Kim K is killing it pretty hardcore this Halloween season. Kim is just slaying the costume ideas, and Kourtney is way too hot as MJ. From murderous French bulldogs to zombie toddlers and even the occasional “sexy” thing that should not be sexy at all, 2019’s most intriguing Halloween costume ideas should make for a very frightful holiday — or at least an interesting one. Honestly no one expected Jason Derulo to be on this list. 3. Jason Derulo ? Just a crazy thought.

Twitter went crazy for the singer’s homage to Selena, and so did I. This bodysuit? Bretman went as a very provocative version of Spongebob’s close friend Patrick the starfish, while Cleo wandered around wearing a yellow box designed to look like the cartoon character. Their get-ups look like they can’t breathe or move in them, and that’s really how it should be. The Celts celebrated the last day of October and believed the dead would visit them, so they left food and drink outside their homes for the spirits of the dead. Outside of comic book and pop culture conventions and expos, Halloween is the one time of the year in which everyone dresses up as their favorite fictional characters and show exactly where their interests are.

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