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All Saints day, the first of November, and All Souls’ Day, the second, are associated strongly with Catholic tradition and belief. All Saints celebrates the memory of every Catholic saint and martyr, known and unknown, whereas All Souls’ day centers on the remembrance of those who departed this world. Those whose relatives are not buried nearby still visit the nearest cemetery and light a candle to acknowledge their memory. playboy bunny outfits In Finland, people visit the graves of their loved ones on Christmas Eve and leave lit candles in their honor. So many people come out to visit the cemeteries that the government has to put special traffic procedures in action to deal with all of the cars on the roads. It is also thought to purify the home and give people a release from year-long problems.

Since we are all at home and have been ordering a lot online, we wanted to encourage people to get creative around the house (while also upcycling boxes that have been sitting around). In the modern day, the practice is more reserved, as people are less comfortable with opening their doors or homes to masked strangers. In the old days, mummering was much more sociable since nearly everyone knew one another in small towns. It was the first of nearly hourly Masses, in English and Cebuano languages, that included Sinulog dances and more. It is part of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and honors the first martyr for the Newborn King, Stephen.

Get your engines revving as a racecar driver and rally girl, become a part of the walking dead with our zombie costumes or celebrate the 60s with as a pair of hippies. Maybe Singer Miranda Lambert is a princess on the country music scene, but when it comes to dressing up for Halloween, let the children keep the princess costumes. Universities have begun to caution students against dressing as ethnic caricatures at Halloween parties. Also, many companies have capitalized on the celebration by selling devil effigies. This symbolically chases away the devil and prepares for baby Jesus. We’d think that any mention of the devil would have no place during the holiday season. The King Cake is also eaten at Mardi Gras, but I prefer it at Epiphany because it fits the season better.

Mardi Gras is celebrated for variable periods of several days to many weeks before the actual day of Fat Tuesday. Along with politicians’ masks, print cool steampunk, Star Wars, Doctor Who and artsy creature faces–like a New Orleans Mardi Gras. Even people who haven’t lost any loved ones often stroll through the graveyards just to enjoy the festive scenery. People known as mummers or janneys disguise themselves in homemade costumes and make their way through the neighborhood, going from house to house. In recent years, many people now burn small pinatas and old bills instead of garbage inside their homes.

Then they do what the name of the celebration suggests and burn the entire pile. Next, they each make an effigy of the devil and put it on top of the pile. Citizens clean their homes and pile up all of their trash, old clothes, and broken furniture in front of their houses. They knock on doors, play music, and dance on the front steps of homes, while the owners try to guess who the mummers are under their costumes. But the elaborate Halloween costumes dreamed up by our favorite celebrities? Some are hosting their own Zoom Halloween parties, while others are buying candy to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve with their families.

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