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Black And White Halloween Candy Flatlay Young women were frequently told if they sat in dark rooms and gazed into a mirror, the face of their future husbands would appear, however, if a skull appeared, the poor girl would be destined to die before marriage. “Guising” was actually a practice dating back to the middle ages, when the poor would go around asking for food or money. Borrowing from the English and Irish traditions, children adopted the practice of guising and would dress up in costumes, but there are only isolated references to children actually going door to door asking for food or money during Halloween.

Purim - Wikipedia However, down in the Southern colonies where larger, more mixed European communities had settled, there are some accounts of Halloween celebrations mixing with Native American harvest celebrations. The frightening and superstitious aspects of Halloween had diminished somewhat, and Halloween in America was slowly shedding some of the old European traditions favoring more light-hearted celebrations. European immigrants brought their rituals and customs with them to America. These days, Samhain is celebrated more has a harvest festival but still uses many of the same rituals. More fanciful archetypes — unicorns and princesses and fairies — fine, great. So, if you’re looking for some creative adult crafts to make for Halloween, this is a great place to start.

In order to make the dessert even more festive for Mardi Gras celebrations, people eventually began baking small symbolic treasures into the cakes. In the mid 1800s, nearly two million Irish immigrants fleeing potato famine helped shape Halloween into an even more widely celebrated event. Despite the good natures of some people, Halloween pranks and mischief had become a huge problem in the 1920s and 1930s, mostly because the pranks often turned into vandalism, property damage and even physical assaults. Most pranks and mischief were the work of naughty children rather than spirits as once believed. Scottish immigrants celebrated with fireworks, telling ghost stories, playing games and making mischief.

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