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If you love pop culture costumes, you might also like our selection of historical costumes, featuring some of history’s biggest heroes. Celebrities are commemorating 2020 — from the US presidential election and the coronavirus pandemic to the many memes and pop culture moments that have taken over the internet in a turbulent year — with their Halloween costumes. Think about your favorite books, TV shows, movies, famous celebrities (dead or alive), and passions. Simply turn to your favorite stars for inspiration. Some stars drew inspiration from “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness,” the Netflix docuseries about America’s most infamous tiger breeders, which captivated audiences earlier in the year. Instead of leaving it until an hour before A fancy dress party kicks off like us mere mortals, the stars go all out on October 31 to create an outfit that’s more impressive and extravagant than last year’s.

With October 31 so near, it’s officially time to pull out all the stops in terms of last-minute Halloween costume ideas. But witchcraft came into existence at that time and witches would come out on 31st October and perform their rituals. I know that I do and what a time that was. Sure, loads of money and glam teams make it possible, but these A-listers also know that pulling inspiration from iconic duos from history is key. Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Candy Day – For a sweet spirit day idea, let students dress as their favorite candy.

This year, World Book Day is on Thursday 5 March. His family knew him as Farrokh Bulsara, but the world knew him as Freddie Mercury. Kim Kardashian West, who’s known (along with her family members) for wearing elaborate Halloween getups, shared a picture of her “Tiger King”-inspired costume. As Seacrest shared on Instagram, the duo also sported second “Tiger King” outfits as part of the show, which included Ripa being made to look like the tiger breeder. Viral moments from 2020 are inspiring Halloween costumes — especially celebrities’ outfits. But the iconic insect isn’t the only meme or 2020 moment that has inspired celebrity Halloween outfits.

Lizzo dressed up as a fly inspired by the insect that landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head during the vice-presidential debate. Pence’s head. The “Truth Hurts” singer’s costume included insect-like wings and eye details, and her metallic top was adorned with “Vote” stickers. And rounding out the top five spots are Cher, Kylie Jenner and Halloween queen Heidi Klum. All it did was become an internet sensation, spawn a vicious fast food war, and completely sell out in a matter of days. This tutorial has a baby skeleton on the belly and fast food in the belly for the Dad! We’ve got three batches of costumes starting with this first one: quick and easy costumes for you baby.

The hip-hop trio released their first single, “Push It”, in 1987, which rocketed their career. Michael Jackson began his career as a member of The Jackson Five, but his talent landed him a solo career. Salt-N Pepa’s career ran until 2002, but the group reunited in 2005 and have since continued to push the limits of their music. In hindsight I would not have made that decision. Do you have a favorite celebrity costume this year? The costume was a hit online. Several celebrities throw bashes of their own and for years now have blown us away with their own costume choices—most famously Heidi Klum.

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