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Liza Gonzalez chose Maleficent out of the vast number of options from Angelina Jolie’s cinematic oeuvre, whereas Gabrielle Union matched her daughter in a throwback to Bring It On. It’s not Halloween until Heidi Klum says it is and the model has already teased fans with a number of spooky ensembles in the run-up to the big day (and her legendary party of course). Whether it’s the magnificent Morticia Addams and Gomez, a blood-thirsty vampire or even their best friend, so many celebs, gory creatures and haunting characters have been reinvented and transformed into show-stopping celebrity Halloween costumes. Bey, Jay and Blue Ivy have nailed their costumes over the past few years.

Have a teeny superhero or Wonder Woman on your hands? Well, first of all, if you are going to dress up as a superhero as famous as Batman, then you better do a bang-up job. Well, let’s be diplomatic and simply say that they leave us scratching our heads with their WTF-inducing outfits. They both wore short blonde wigs and black outfits. Cut out two large holes for the eyes and fasten a black tie or belt around your tiny trick-or-treater’s waist for a quick ghostly guise. Heading out in a crowd? While spooky season has looked very different this year amid the coronavirus pandemic, that hasn’t stopped stars from closing out the month with a bang. After a long night of sugary, boozy celebrations, we perused the Internet to see how our pop culture favorites made out during this year’s spooky season.

Gather up some plastic bottles and some nylon and you can make a warrior out of someone. This year, instead of spending mega bucks on a store-bought get-up, make your own creative costume or imaginative accessory using these common household items. The best part about it is that you can make these yourself with regular household items. What can you do with black stockings, ski-gloves, pillows, tennis balls, tennis-racket covers and other common household items? You can make or buy a Cleopatra costume, complete with black wig and asp. For this costume, you will need a cowgirl hat, a black leather jacket, preferably dying your hair white, a white rolled-up shirt, and a red tie. A simple white or transparent table cloth or bed sheet will do the trick. I picture this costume, best on the reluctant adult that doesn’t want to go trick or treating with the kids. If you have old stuffed animals you really don’t like or want anymore you can always cut him up and turn him into a vest, just don’t let your impressionable little kids see you doing it.

Extra points for involving your kids in a family-fun and artistic DIY project! Extra points if you bedazzle the crown with some gems. Do the same with a cut-out paper crown and just like magic, you’ve got a shiny wand and crown for a little prince or princess! Want to look macho, capable and sensitive all at the same time? Michelle’s hubby Mark Wright apparently didn’t join her for the creepy celebrations, which is no surprise given that he now spends most of his time in LA. In celebration of Halloween I have found some innovative last minute fashionable Halloween costumes for those of you still in need of a costume. Last year it was Pulp Fiction’s Mia Wallace, but 2019’s cool girl Tarantino costume is clearly Uma Thurman’s character from Kill Bill. Need a ghoulish costume in a hurry?

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