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Some families celebrate by having costume parties and playing special games like bobbing for apples and telling ghost stories. These were used for playing traditional games like eating an apple on a string or bobbing for apples and other gifts in a basin of water, without using your hands. In earlier years, Halloween was a time for playing harmless pranks. For example the custom of ‘trick or treat’ originated in England as ‘Mischief Night’ when children declared one ‘lawless night’ of unpunished pranks (usually May Day eve or Halloween). However, in more recent times, Halloween pranks have sometimes gotten out of hand – causing damage and injury to others.

Step up to try your hand peasant games. Sunday is the final day, day of forgiving – when people forgive the wrongs done against them and burn the Maslenitsa mascot, a straw doll dressed in a female costume with a pancake in her hand. In the modern day, the practice is more reserved, as people are less comfortable with opening their doors or homes to masked strangers. Sometimes children go “trick or treating” – knocking on doors in their trusted neighborhoods collecting candy. The idea being that the owners of the house give the children a treat (sweets or money) or the children will play a trick on them – I believe that in legal terminology this is called extortion!

Maslenitsa is a holiday about being outside and going a little bit wild, and it would not be complete without a costume parade. It’s not Yeezy being us. As it’s nearly the end of winter, day 6 is a good time to make the most of Russia’s winter sports activities. Maslenitsa is well-known for its seven days of festivities and final dose of gluttony, as it’s the last week that Orthodox Russians can eat dairy before Lent. It is thought that the name Maslenitsa (variously translated as “Butter Week,” “Cheese Week,” or “Pancake Week” in English) comes from the fact that, according to Russian Orthodox tradition, meat is already off-limits by Shrovetide week, but dairy is not. And just like that, it was Halloween!

These awesome celebrity Halloween costumes here show you how easy it is to give yourself a makeover fit for the stars. Check out the best celebrity Halloween costumes, ahead. So which celebrity had the best Halloween costume over the weekend? He is strong, he is powerful and he is the best choice for the Halloween. Without a doubt, a cute and cuddly skunk costume is the best way to show off your little stinker this Halloween. Part immersive show and part just plain fun. Fun for the Whole Family! In this way, children are still allowed to “dress up, ” and the holiday becomes both fun and educational. It Was Restored As a Legal Holiday In England In 1660, But Remained Disreputable In The Minds Of Many People. Often called ‘Shrove Sunday,’ on day 7 people ask for the forgiveness of others creating a sense of unity and joy among the crowds.

Traditionally, a day for mothers and especially mothers-in-law. The second day is for young people. People appeared convinced at first sight that Michelle was actually Jennifer Lopez – a comparison we’re sure she’ll be happy about! During festival in different cities of Russia you’ll get to see people reveling not just in traditional Russian costumes, but also in Venetian, Hungarian, Dutch, and German garb. Also known as ‘pancake week’, the traditional Russian festivity is famous for its blini (pancakes) with many fillings and toppings, from sour cream to caviar, to salmon and all things sweet! The main events are set in the city’s parks, museum clusters and estates, as well as along pedestrian streets in Russian cities.

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