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With the start of the spring-summer collection, you can grab the most fashionable outfits and create your desired look. Get a head start on your Halloween costume by bookmarking these supremely stylish ideas. If your school is doing Celebrity Day during Spirit Week, you have plenty of ideas from which to choose. Attendees lineup at a booth that features impersonators to have their photo taken with the celebrity look a-like. The photo has been up for less than 24 hours and has already amassed over 100,000 likes, as well as countless comments from fans and celebrities alike who are awestruck by Blue Ivy’s makeup skills.

Of course, we can’t help but be inspired by Blue Ivy’s creation and are super eager to see if she’ll pursue makeup as she gets older. The star of MTV’s Teen Wolf gets two spots on the list, because he wore both blackface and brownface for Halloween, two years running. If you have a large group, consider dividing the players into two or more teams and having them compete against one another. Imagine having Elvis, Marilyn or Frank Sinatra sing happy birthday at your party? You can be a pop star and hit the karaoke mic or pose for the cameras dressed as your favorite movie star at your next costume party. Pop culture costumes are always a Halloween favorite year after year, whether you’re dressing as your favorite celebrity meme or reimagining a star’s iconic red carpet look.

Celebrity impersonators and celebrity look a-likes is big business. At Las Vegas trade shows and conventions, Las Vegas impersonators are commonly used to draw traffic by companies that exhibit. From private parties to trade shows, Las Vegas impersonators and look alikes are a big hit. Las Vegas Look alikes for hire. Here is a link to our most popular impersonators and look alikes. In the meantime, for more makeup-only Halloween costume inspiration, check out some of our favorites from beauty creators on Instagram, here. For traditional trick-or-treating, scare upmonstermasks: Frankenstein, witch, zombie, skeleton, mummy, vampire, bat and more. With Halloween at its conclusion, one can only assume that everyone is now back to the drawing board, planning on how to either wow our socks off or scare our lights out.

If you are interested in booking or getting information on an impersonator or look alike, easy celebrity costume ideas please fill out the Rates / Contact Us form or give us a call. Determined to celebrate the holiday on their own terms, celebrities showed up and showed out for Halloween this year. This was a big year for Angelina Jolie – her movie Maleficent was a huge box office smash and she got married to her longtime love Brad Pitt. Among the highlights are the stars who have dressed up as iconic movie characters they perhaps wish they could’ve played. Give each group a strip and two minutes to assemble costumes to fit the characters in their movie.

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