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Immaculate Heart of Mary- Dress in a red dress with a white veil and a blue sash or cape. Tie a blue ribbon or sash around your waist, and carry a rosary. Our Lady of Guadalupe- Wear a pink dress with a black ribbon tied around the waist. This crown gets paired with a white dress and a red ribbon tied around the waist. Where a white lab coat, and carry a baby doll (or a little baby sibling). Your little girl deserves to be the princess that she is, and our Halloween costumes for girls will turn her into instant royalty.

“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” is another classic for a Halloween party theme. While many of us regular folks often dress up as celebrities for Halloween, celebrities themselves are inspired by popular culture, classic films, and even their kids’ favorite cartoons for their outfits. The classic look would be to wear a dress with a blue veil. Dress in a white gown with a white veil trimmed in gold with a crown placed on top. Wear a white dress or robe, and a white veil. A simple white or transparent table cloth or bed sheet will do the trick.

Peasant- Dress in simple dresses, plaid or different patterns. Our Lady has so many titles, and just as many ways to dress up like her! These alternatives may include fall festival parties where children are encouraged to dress in a particular theme such as positive cartoon or book characters, famous historical characters, or Bible heroes. The traditional dressings are common during holidays and occasional festivities. It is also common to spot comics and graphic novel superheroes like Superman or Hulk or even Wonder Woman amongst yourselves. If you’d like to go as another famous person, check out the Wonder How-To site for masks of celebrities like Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, Glenn Beck, Michael Phelps, Jon and Kate Gosselin, Ron Paul, Putin, Kim Jong-II and more. With fangs the length of her head coming out of the piece, it adds a finishing touch to bring it all together.

She wore a green wreath on her head with candles all around it. Tie a rag or veil on your head and add a shawl. Or, find directions on tie dying an Immaculate Heart shirt. Tape a picture of the Immaculate Heart on your chest. Top off your look with hats or wigs, add some creativity with makeup, or get into full character with a mask! ” Chris captioned the pic of Dodger, who definitely did not look happy in the photo. This year is no different, and we’ve got a bevy of celebs for you to look at and wonder “now why didn’t I think of that?

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