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The pandemic may have forced celebrities to stay at home for Halloween, but that didn’t stop stars from bringing out their A-game, with many spooktacular costumes doing the rounds on social media. We’re not entirely sure what Halloween is going to look like this year but we think you and your S.O should definitely still dress up, even if it’s just to watch a scary movie at home. Human sufferage is not a costume, but this woman thought otherwise when she decided to dress as a Syrian refugee for Halloween. Okay, maybe it’s because Mercury just got out of retrograde last Saturday, but it seems like every single celebrity I love had an absolutely amazing Halloween costume this year. What you wear has an impact on your mind, and you will be surprised to see how the chic leather jackets, which you saw a celebrity wearing in a movie, can boost your confidence and self-image.

Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2017: See Pics Of The Kardashians & More - Hollywood Life Celebrity Halloween Costumes 2017 — PICS - 웹 Check back as we will be covering our favorite costume moments all weekend. So maybe she was going back to her sweet-as-pie Disney days. The model-slash-actress-slash-Halloween queen has rocked some iconic outfits at her annual party over the years; so we thought we’d look back at her best get-ups – from the glamorous to the gory. The rapper was dressed in a sexy gold-plated Medusa Halloween costume complete with scales and a tail, while her daughter rocked a ‘Wonder Woman’ costume. Ireland AM star Karen Koster took to her social media this morning to share an adorable snap of her husband, two son’s and daughter before they headed to school.

The Orange is the New Black star was a dead ringer for the Bob’s Burgers lead. It was perfect, male celebrity costumes because he dresses in all black and wears a mask on a typical Tuesday. All you need to do is add your favorite Trump mask (sold separately) to a Taco costume and you are set to make everyone laugh on Halloween! Splash red paint on your face and hands to add to the effect. Many on Instagram captured her arrival to her party, including a biohazard truck to carry her to the red carpet. To celebrate all their most iconic looks, J-14 decided to round up all the best, and spookiest, looks to use for inspiration this year (and every year in the future). Neil Patrick Harris said that he and his husband David Burtka along with their twins Gideon and Harper have the “golden ticket” of costumes this year with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory inspired looks.

In the photo, Gideon is dressed as Charlie Bucket, Harper is dressed as Veruca Salt, Harris is dressed as Slugworth while Burtka is dressed as Wonka himself. The spooky day always brings out celebrities in creative getups, and while some take the opportunity to go wild with their looks, others jump at the chance to show some skin. David bared the fangs of a vampire, while his wife Victoria dressed as a very creepy clown. Victoria Beckham and husband David donned creepy ensembles to mark the holiday. Some of Drake’s celebrity friends weighed in, with Big Freedia, Swae Lee, Diddy and Jamie Foxx all praising the matching ensembles. Check out the best celebrity Halloween costumes of 2014 and see what your favorite celebrities wore on the spookiest night of the year.

Local celebrities do not disappoint in this department, with costumes ranging from the sexy to the funny, to even the outrageous. The stars went all out this year, from tributes to great legends in arts and music, to literally cheesy costumes. Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson went all out dressed in full Baphomet costume. Hamilton nailed this iconic Halloween costume. Love Island’s Samira Mighty hit the star-studded Halloween parties dressed as the devil. The hit Wes Anderson movie followed an eccentric family which consists of three gifted siblings who can’t come to terms with disappointment in adulthood after having great success when they were children.

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