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Halloween is the holiday that just keeps giving, because in addition to the candy and spooky movies, it’s also the time when celebrities love to go all out with their costumes, and this year was no exception. My friend shared a status on social media of me saying I dislike when people wear these costumes, and my white friends tried to shut me down with their opinions as to why it is not offensive. Examples keep surfacing every now and then, which underline the enduring popularity of this offensive lampooning and stereotyping of black people that began in the United States and spread to white communities elsewhere.

But celebrities can also often appear to live in an aloof world where societal issues like racism, sexism, or other -isms don’t seem to affect them as much, which results in terribly offensive costumes. Tumeric does not reflect on a culture, while these costumes do. Kaia Gerber channeled her inner Joan Jett, while Presley went the more generic rocker route. Lisa Rinna went hard this Halloween. Celebrities like Rita Ora, Harry Styles and Joe Jonas went above and beyond with their Halloween costumes this year. With all the time, money, and energy that being a celebrity affords them, famous people often wear elaborate costumes that can often serve as huge inspirations for us common folk.

Done. If you’d rather, you can get a child’s tiger costume from Amazon for just £13.48. First and foremost, you can save big bucks making it yourself. She sweetly hold her 7-month-old Princess Adrienne in the picture, who made for a beyond cute pumpkin on her first Halloween. For their first official All Hallows Eve since relocating to the United States, Princess Madeleine of Sweden and her little ones got festive! We absolutely love reading The Tiger Who Came To Tea to our little ones – and we think it’s a very cool, very stripy, and very simple costume for them to don on World Book Day. A quick Google search of “Native American costumes” brings up multiple costumes imitating our culture, ranging from children’s costumes to adult ones that have a habit of being sexualized.

With Halloween just around the corner, our favorite celebs are kicking off celebrations with some of the most outrageous, funny, and confusing costumes. Emma, Diane, Josh, Lauren, and More Celebs Party Poolside at Coachella! Olivia Munn hit the Halloween party circuit wearing a costume she modeled after Awkwafina’s character from Crazy Rich Asians. The Younger star even gave fans a preview of her costume earlier last week, when she Instagrammed the “fake gun” that came with her dress. His family came to America to escape religious persecution. Northam later denied being in the picture, but he accepted that he had blackened his face with shoe polish on another occasion that same year to portray the pop icon Michael Jackson. There’s no reason not to utterly transform yourself into your favorite pop culture figure even though you’re inside your home. If you have even less time, get a black marker pen and create some tiger stripes on a cheap orange t shirt, whip up some ears and have a go at painting their face.

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