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It is pretty different from what Australia will wear for the T20 World Cup in 2022. Black, Yellow, italy jersey and Green are the colors of the new kits. In the opener South Africa wore their traditional green but wore yellow in their match against Bangladesh. Meanwhile, in Germany, a poll by outlet Der Spiegel concluded that 68 per cent of people believe boycotting Qatar 2022 is ‘about right’ or ‘absolutely right’.

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In September, NHL officials told team presidents that the league would prefer not to be the first major league in North America to feature on-uniform ads, even though the move might generate $120 million. In 2012, the kit was an even tamer green with a simple white piping. After being knocked out of the 1966 World Cup at the group stages, Spain failed to qualify for the next 5 major tournaments, a low point in the nations footballing history.