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If you’re a big fan of Halloween, then you already know that Heidi Klum’s annual bash is pretty much the only celebrity party worth mentioning. Kendall Jenner, Heidi Klum and Bette Middler played host to three enormous parties on October 31 that brought out some of Hollywood’s most serious Halloween fans. We thought we had compiled some tricky questions only true Han Solo fans would know. As it turns out, our trivia was no match for these fans. Students can wear brightly colored shoes or simply mix and match the pairs they already own! Color Day – For this spirit day, students have to wear all one color of clothing. Bonus: This one is super easy for parents!

This day is hilarious — and super cute, too. Spirit days are one of the most exciting parts about school — and one of the best parts is dressing up in creative, silly ways! These are the costumes that everyone had to have the year you were born—from 1950 all the way through 2005. Get ready for a serious walk down memory lane. America Day – Get patriotic by showing up in your red, white and blue. You can provide a fun incentive — like students who wear school colors get an extra few minutes of recess. Pajama Day – Let everyone in your school grab a few extra minutes of sleep by having a pajama day. Animal Day – Turn your school into a zoo by having students dress up as their favorite animal.

Disney Day – Add a little bit of magic to your school by having students dress up as their favorite Disney characters. It’s unknown what this particular event was, but Larsa appears to be enjoying the dress-up holiday quite a bit. Christmas Year Round – It may not be the holiday season, but students can still celebrate by dressing in red and green! Star Wars Day – Whether students wear a T-shirt or a full costume, Star Wars day in May is a blast. You just may want to limit actual sugar intake in the classroom! You do not want to miss a single one of this sexy and spooky group. Decked in one of the 17-year-old’s most famous looks, Dobrev stepped out in a Louis Vuitton jumper and neon green roots. Inside Out – For this spirit day, students can wear their clothes inside out. History Day – On this spirit day, have each student dress as his/her favorite historical figure.

Medieval Day – On this day, trade your students in for knights, princes and princesses. Farm Day – Students can dress like farmers, pigs, chickens, cows or anything that you’d find on a farm. In a plaza not far away, we find our favorite hosts dressed up in the most committed Star Wars Halloween costumes we’ve ever seen. Tacky Clothes Day – Students dress in the wackiest, tackiest clothing they can find — anything goes! Yes, these days are stressful and not much teaching really happens, but the memories last forever and the giggles continue as an adult for our students. An alternative is doing this on the 100th day of school and dressing like they are 100!

One of our favorite Halloween 2020 costume trends includes celebrities recreating looks from other celebrities, such as Ciara dressing up as rappers Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj. Every single Han answered our questions with the ease and rogue-ish charm that one would expect from the smuggler-turned-rebel. 1.6 million for a single sponsored post. Thank you to all the teachers who allowed me to share their pictures so we can all gather ideas to use with our own dress up day activities. Have them share their selection with the class. For a fun bonus activity, you could make tie-dyed items in art class. Read some favorite magical books to the class that day.

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Unique take on a common character- Turn Hannah Montana or another famous character into a zombie, vampire or other type of undead monstrosity. Any celebrity who has gotten arrested in the last year is good fodder for this type of costume. One of the most fun ways to come up with unique Halloween costumes is to look for an incident in the news or a celebrity who has gotten in trouble to use as the basis for your costume. Inspiration for a great costume can come from anywhere. Since the start of October, Thorne has debuted two looks so far: Little Red Riding Hood and a fairy costume with her sister, Dani.

man wearing orange costume funny picture In the first, the singer can be seen arm-in-arm with the silver screen star dressed as Marilyn Manson with mismatched contact lenses, fiery red waves and a latex leotard. For added effect, splatter your sweat suit and some of the boxes with red paint or fake blood. Tape an assortment of cereal boxes to a sweat suit. For instance, wear a purple sweat suit and go as The Color Purple. Historically, painting white people’s faces black was a technique used to portray people of color as dumb clowns, incapable of feeling humiliation – and giving white people an entertaining way to humiliate them.

Just use your imagination and lose some of your inhibitions, and you’re on your way to an unforgettable costume. If you don’t have time to make it from scratch, you can buy a fully fledged Pinocchio costume from Amazon for £11.29. Use black and orange to decorate, make monster snacks for your guests to enjoy and welcome them into your ghoulish home. Use gel to spike your hair, adding to the electric look. You can also carry a toy knife and a spoon to complete the look. Dress like the hottest toy or the newest electronic device. Use a large box with arm holes cut into it to go as an iPod or other handheld device.

You could also cut a large circle out of yellow felt and pin or sew it on your suit. Oddly enough, Fred Rogers’ son commented on the costume, saying that while he doesn’t quite get it, he thinks his late dad would have gotten a kick out of it. The lovable gentle giant from the Goonies running for office may get a laugh from friends. This game doubles as a social event, or dinner party that your daughter can invite her best friends to attend. Klum was joined by husband Tom Kaulitz — dressed as an injured astronaut — and a host of her celebrity friends.

Leave it to Heidi Klum to keep on upping the ante for Halloween festivities. “You guys, I just looked at Birdie’s Halloween photo that I posted – I’m gonna start to cry – it’s so sweet,” the star told her Instagram fans. It’s that SCARY time of year! Skeleton: La La Anthony dressed as a creepy skeleton at P. Diddy’s Emperor’s Ball in 2015. Jennifer Lopez and then-boyfriend Casper Smart dressed were skeletons the same year. Women’s Health last year. This set is sure to be a winner year after year. Add some zombie makeup and messed-up hair, and you’re all set.