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As you can see with our model Alison, there was 1 common look alike (Alexis Bledel), but her 2 slightly different headshots produced 6 different look alikes. If your party is an old-Hollywood theme, you can use dramatic black-and-white stills from old movies. One belief is that the Carnival King is a direct descendant of the old King of the Saturnalia, the ancient Roman festival held in December. This pagan king was chosen to impersonate the Roman agricultural god, Saturn, during the celebration; but at the end he suffered a real death instead of a make-believe one today. Eventually, the custom of putting a fake king to death faded away over time.

Celebs Halloween Costumes 2018: See All The Spooky & Sexy Looks - Hollywood Life As I mentioned before, it was the custom on Fat Tuesday to use up all the fat in the house prior to Lent, these fried dough helped use up all the fat so it wouldn’t go to waste. The most well-known custom associated with the day is the throwing of the Cross into the sea or river with men diving to retrieve it. Most men love to really get into the spirit of fancy dress and go for something really awesome, with little regard for just how ridiculous it might make them look. It’s not funny, but it might be useful to the rest of us this Halloween. Taiwanese singer Jay Chou also coordinated his Halloween outfit with the rest of his family as characters from The Addams Family.

BGT judge Amanda Holden and her Heart Radio co-host Jamie Theakston dressed up as Morticia and Gomez Addams from The Addams Family for Halloween last year. But, the beginning of Mardi Gras will vary from year to year. The Mardi Gras parade attracts over a million spectators every year. The costume balls, pageants, parades and feasting goes on for four days, with the highlight being the parade of the samba schools (on the Sunday & Monday preceding Ash Wednesday). People spend months prior making costumes and learning special dances for this parade. They stole cowbells and rakes and then paraded through the streets making as much noise as they could.

Ironically, in earlier times, the pagan spring festivals (to help insure the growth of crops) involved much the same sort of celebrations of processions, feastings and masquerades. He earned much confidence in wearing and selling domestic products since he started the business. They named it that because the day before the start of Lent was when you just pigged out on all the fat products in the house! So, in December 2018, the luxury label Prada apologised after it displayed products resembling black monkey figurines with large red lips at one of its New York stores. That’s one of the ones you don’t need to have explained.