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Once you’re home on the front porch, be sure to mark the doors as a family and remember that the symbols represent the presence of love and grace in your home. When I first got with the times and began using social media, I noticed friends sharing pictures in early January of their front doors with an incomprehensible algebra formula written on them with chalk. When everyone else has put the holidays behind them and are waiting for winter to be over, Epiphany is the perfect excuse to pop the cork on the champagne, heat up the wassail, and celebrate with friends.

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— — Halloween hasn’t arrived just yet, but our favorite celebrities are already getting in on the scary fun! As of late October 2019, Halloween festivities are in full swing, and celebrities are already celebrating with a range of whimsical, creative and occasionally very stylish costumes. For several years running, among those magical beings are hundreds (possibly thousands) of Guy Fieris. So for a great theme on mens fancy dress that everyone will almost certainly love 60s, 70s or 80s parties are a fantastic idea, there are literally hundreds of men’s costumes to choose from and the possibilities are just endless.

It hides surprises. The surprises are only little trinkets, but trust me, the kids will love the excitement of seeing what’s in their piece of cake — if they can wrestle one away from Dad. Here are six actors who donned outrageously expensive outfits in movies. Their costumes are ingenious, on-trend and almost always extremely expensive. In celebration of Halloween I have found some innovative last minute fashionable Halloween costumes for those of you still in need of a costume. Traditionally, the party would be on the eve of Epiphany and is called a Twelfth Night party for the last day of Christmas.

The King Cake is also eaten at Mardi Gras, but I prefer it at Epiphany because it fits the season better. The Epiphany Cake, or King Cake, is easily the best part of Epiphany because well, cake is delicious. And if you need some ideas for epic Halloween makeup that’ll get all the IG likes, you’re in luck, ’cause I’ve rounded up the best celebrity Halloween makeup looks of all damn time. I can’t believe that with everything out there in the Interwebs (Halloween pun), practically no one has tried sorting Halloween costume ideas by hair color! From this list of Celebrity Halloween Costumes ideas, which look will you most likely consider for one of your costumes for the many Halloween celebrations you attend?

Any chalk will do, but be sure it is blessed by a priest. The chalk eventually fades or washes off in the rain, but the blessing will remain. You will be starstruck by the endless possibilities! Make an umbrella bat costume out of an old umbrella. 19. What costume does Lindsay Lohan’s character wear to the Halloween party in the movie Mean Girls? 7. In Halloween 4, a widely-loved scene by fans depicts Kelly Meeker getting stabbed with what type of weapon? TIP: If you love crafts but don’t have time, celebrity look alike costumes you can find LOTS of Halloween decor on Etsy you can buy! Television shows- Dressing like someone from a television show, like Orange is the New Black, may mean wearing normal clothes and adding an accessory or a name tag so everyone can identify it.