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However, for all the quaint—and sometimes corny—customs we follow today, there are just as many strange Christmas traditions that have been cast by the wayside, falling out of favor and remembered less and less each year. Many games and Christmas celebrations were once held on Twelfth Night. Twelfth Night, the last night of Christmastide, is the night before Epiphany—the day that marks the visit of the three magi to the newly born Christ child believed to have been sent by God to save the world. Of all the celebrities and their costumes from this year’s Halloween season, the one that arguably takes the cake is Jason Derulo’s get-up as the Night King from HBO and George R.R.

One of our favorite Halloween 2020 costume trends includes celebrities recreating looks from other celebrities, such as Ciara dressing up as rappers Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj. Lil Nas X channeled his inner Nicki Minaj, while Ciara and husband Russell Wilson also embodied Janet Jackson and Busta Rhymes. Some parents adapt the traditional Halloween practices, while others develop totally different alternatives. While the little Woodstock was not old enough to ask for any candy at the time, seeing Snoopy carry Woodstock was a sight worth seeing. People appeared convinced at first sight that Michelle was actually Jennifer Lopez – a comparison we’re sure she’ll be happy about!

Jack o’ Lanterns originated in Ireland where people placed candles in hollowed-out turnips to keep away spirits and ghosts on the Samhain holiday. So, we all know that people liked to wear camo-print back in the day. It was originally part of Aztec culture, but it then became intertwined with Christian culture when the Spaniards arrived to Mexico, where it coincided with All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day. Today, the Christmas season runs from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day. Earl. In addition, you might be curious as to why “A Christmas Carol,” one of the most famous Christmas stories of all time, is a ghost story.

And it wasn’t just ghost stories that made Christmas the most eerie time of year. So, we consulted Brian Earl, host of the Christmas Past podcast, blog, and YouTube channel, to find out the strangest Christmas traditions of yonder yuletides, from telling supernatural stories to hiding coins in cake. Every holiday season, families around the world trim their trees, sing carols, and hang their stockings in the hopes they’ll find them filled with goodies by Christmas morning. And this isn’t the only antiquated Christmas tradition involving love. The creative juices flowed through everyone’s minds this halloween, especially the celebrities we love!

We love festivals and celebrations as they give us a break from our daily hectic routines. Rather than separate completely from the night’s activities, some Christians give Gospel tracts along with treats to children who come to their homes and make Halloween an opportunity to witness for Christ. Earl. The months leading up to Christmas were considered Advent, which, similar to Lent, was considered a time of restraint for Christians. In fact, “A Christmas Carol” was far from the only Christmas-themed ghost story Charles Dickens wrote, celebrity look alike costumes says Earl. Earl. In fact, in 19th-century Europe, it was an occasion for poor folks to request gifts from wealthy landowners.

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The actress who plays Mal in the film, Dove Cameron, posted the photo to her Instagram as well to let people know how she felt about Pink dressing as her for Halloween. Wiccan were highly respected people at one time. Halloween 2017 is officially over, but here’s one more treat for you! Of course, this includes Darren Espanto’s “Korean zombie”, Liza Soberano’s creepy nun from “The Conjuring” costume, Enrique Gil’s Pennywise, James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s “X-Men” moment, and many, many more. Excited for more celebrity costumes for Halloween 2018? And this year, celebrity families did not disappoint. Here’s all the inspiration you need for next year, summed up. This pop powerhouse has had so many Halloween costumes based off her looks over the years, so dressing up as Cher for Halloween is a safe bet.

How could they ever forget you dressing up as their fav superhero, Disney princess, or a hotdog? First up, we’ve got Doja Cat, who is officially the winner of Pedestrian.TV’s 2020 Halloween costume competition, which is solely judged on whatever is floating my boat this morning. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend got into the spirit of Halloween at home. Help their spirit live on by wearing one of these costumes. As this year’s day of fright approaches, we throw it all the way back to Halloween 2017 to put a spotlight on the most exciting celebrity costumes we were lucky enough to witness. Another way to hide an alleged baby bump.

Hosting a “Stranger Things”-themed party is high on my to do list for Halloween parties in the future, and I love this one from Joni at Lay Baby Lay. I guess this is a list of legends. Proud celebrity parents took to social media to show off their own little stars Tuesday, and we’ve rounded up some of the cutest ghouls and ghosts — and Batmans and Belles — from Tinseltown and beyond. Check out some of our favorite and most creative celebrity costumes from this year. “So one of my favorite singers @pink dressed up as me for Halloween,” Cameron wrote. ” Mitchell wrote alongside a photo of her family in costume.

” Alba captioned the family photo. “Clearly Lil Woody is the boss of this Halloween rodeo,” Biel captioned a family shot. 1. In Halloween II, when Michael first enters the elderly couple’s home, what movie is playing on their TV? That’s right – Marilyn Monroe, Freddy Mercury and Michael Jackson all reside in this department, along with some of your other sadly departed favourites. Fergie’s son, Axl Jack, played the part of Peter Pan and he had mom — aka Tinker Bell — right by his side. Prince Akeem from “Coming to America” costume part awesome and part true story. It was a family affair for Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel and their boy Silas, as they went out as some of our favorite “Toy Story” characters.

Getting away from the creepier side of Halloween, Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake and their son, Silas, went as a “Toy Story” family. Biel was in a Jessie get-up and Timberlake took on the role of Buzz, while Silas was Woody. Singer Pink and her family, including husband Carey Hart and her two children, took the pirate theme and ran with it. Instead of hitting the town, stars took to Instagram to flex their original costume ideas from home, and proved that yes, it is worth it to get all dressed up with nowhere to go. While she and her husband Mark Wilkerson dressed as Eleven and Dustin, respectively, from “Stranger Things,” her kids all had different ideas for their costumes.

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Lil Huddy can always be spotted wearing black nail polish, so make sure to paint a couple coats to complete the ensemble. Kourtney Kardashian made scary sexy as she wore barely there lingerie and sky-high heels while accompanied by Kim Kardashian’s assistant, Stephanie Sheppard, dressed as a zombie couple! Get your engines revving as a racecar driver and rally girl, 2019 celebrity costumes become a part of the walking dead with our zombie costumes or celebrate the 60s with as a pair of hippies. Dress up as a pair of dice. Excellent for any fancy dress occasion, our fantastic celebrity range is sure to leave you starstruck. From scary zombie looks to a cozy unicorn outfit, here are a few celebrity costumes that have been hits in years past and may inspire you.

Whether in the movies, music biz or sports, you will shine in one of our celebrity full latex masks. From murderous French bulldogs to zombie toddlers and even the occasional “sexy” thing that should not be sexy at all, 2019’s most intriguing Halloween costume ideas should make for a very frightful holiday — or at least an interesting one. And from what we can see, the answer is yes — Halloween costumes do keep getting wilder, more creative, or skimpier every year. Jake Arsenault, 9, dressed up in a hot dog costume for his school pictures — after his parents dared him to do it.

However, some people were still able to have fun by dressing up for Halloween even if it’s just for pictures and memories. The school agreed, and Jake’s dad thinks his son’s new ID is “the greatest.” Even the folks at Oscar Mayer loved the idea and surprised Jake with a ride in the Wienermobile. Not any particular person from history, just the idea of being Native American as a costume, which garnered charges of racism or racial insensitivity. It’s unknown what this particular event was, but Larsa appears to be enjoying the dress-up holiday quite a bit. So many celebs are killing the Halloween game this year; it’s impossible to choose our favorite costume.

Or make fun of your favorite politician – or the politician you most love to hate. Show off your sense of humor at this year’s Halloween party with imaginative couples costumes like Kermit and Miss Piggy, celebrate your favorite sandwich and dress up like a Ham and Swiss or BLT or even Bacon and Eggs. One third-grade classroom even held a “mad scientist” day, when students dressed up as mad scientists and conducted experiments all day. So we just have to shake our heads at this one. We have nearly everything you can possibly think of, and if we don’t, chances are you can piece together costumes and accessories to create your ideal look. Mix and match with our Halloween accessories to create a costume that’s uniquely yours. Ryan Seacrest previewed his Punky Brewster Halloween costume for fans online.

“I’m here today because of the way that you portrayed Laurie Strode,” he said, breaking down in tears before Curtis ran offstage in front of thousands of applauding fans to embrace him. Shop today and save with our 110% lowest price guarantee. We’ve got the best movie themed adult costumes like Batman and Robin, Captain Jack Sparrow and Angelica, Shrek and Princess Fiona or Danny and Sandy from Grease. Heidi Klum showed up as Princess Fiona from Shrek with her 2018 couples costume alongside husband Tom Kaulitz dressed as the titular character. She and her husband Alex Tien, 41, a businessman, have a five-year-old son and three-year-old daughter. Chou, 41, looked to be Gomez.