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All Seeing Eye - Illustration While everyone else is going as regular Joan Rivers (fur coats, lots of jewelry, and a blond wig), add some zombie makeup for a timely touch. Use markers to add “kid’s art” to the back. If you have a “Kate” look going on (brown hair, fake princess crown from the dollar store, sensible-but-elegeant ensemble), just add an air sickness bag for that timely twist! Print up a fake convict number board and wear it on a string around your neck to tip off you’re in a mugshot. 10. Snooki. Snooki has always been a fun costume — a great excuse to wear a tiny leopard-print skirt, high heels, and fake nails.

In September 2017, Disney pulled costumes related to the movie Moana, which features a Polynesian princess, after the outfits — which included simulated brown skin and fake tribal tattoos — were deemed offensive by many activists. This was pretty much cross-promotion for the movie starring JT, but it’s still adorable. It has been nearly two years since Donald Trump has become the president of the United States, and there’s still no sign of progress with this wall he promised. You can show his love by creating your own Trump Taco Halloween costume. Okay, maybe it’s because Mercury just got out of retrograde last Saturday, but it seems like every single celebrity I love had an absolutely amazing Halloween costume this year.

So why not catalogue every single effort? 9. Mrs. Doubtfire. While going as a zombie Joan Rivers seems funny, zombie Robin Williams isn’t quite as much. 2. Zombie Joan Rivers. When the ageing singer decided to dress up for the big night one year, she chose a zombie costume. Perfect costume for a rainy night. 6. Sue Sylvester. What a Glee-ful chance to wear your most comfy satin track suit all night! What the heck was comedic actor David Spade thinking when he decided to wear a fox costume for Halloween one year? Another one for the guys. For the men out there, this one just calls for a white t-shirt and some facial/neck makeup to replicate the tattoos.

If not, Grab anything orange (sweats, leggings, sweat-shirt, t-shirt and cut it off to look like a prison jumpsuit. Maybe you’d be lucky enough to find orange scrubs at a secondhand store. If you can’t find a giant hat in this vein, pick up a brown-rimmed hat at a thrift store and fashion a paper bag into the head part. Nina Dobrev posed in her second costume online as the french youtube star who crashed a Chanel fashion show. Transform into a star! DC, Star Wars Comics: Now and Then, Red vs. A pair of slacks and a suit jacket from your own closet, dressed up with facial paint to make your eyes look red and puffy.

Let’s take a look at the 2014 Halloween costumes of the rich and famous! Check out this year’s best celebrity Halloween costumes. Today I am showcasing best celebrity couples Halloween costume ideas of 2013-2014. You can look through the pictures of celebrities and see how well they are carrying out their costumes and pulling off the style and elegance. See what your favorite stars are dressing up as this year in our slideshow, then check out all of 2016’s best celebrity Halloween costumes. And anyway, Finn’s Black Panther mask was freaking Princess Eve out! Princess Shuri is among the most popular searches on Pinterest, research found.

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